As you can appreciate this site is Under construction from my old direct-learning-resources website, which you can access to from the  above menu.

Be aware that the home button does not send you back to this new website, in due course as I will redesign the old website into this new website.

My daytime job is an instructor/assessor/internal verifier, I am delivering a new qualifications so my priorities are the following qualifications and CSCS test`s.

Level 2 Diploma in Bricklaying (6705-23)

Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Trowel Occupations (Construction) (6570-02)

The above will have the same sort of activities and interactive games and quizzes.


The UK construction industry is always in need of talented new workers, our construction lessons from us will help you on your first step towards a bright and lucrative new career! You’ll learn a whole host of useful skills that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.


About us

Welcome to Road To Learning! our management team have over 20 years of previous industry experience. In this time we have delivered comprehensive accredited construction, plant and Health & Safety training and testing.

We can offer you the additional lessons and resources to help you on your way thourgh your construction qualification that you may be taking.


We offer a range of Resource Packages, Guides

and Manuals to aid you on your learning journey